Revision Sinus Surgery

The goal of sinus surgery is to enlarge the openings into the different sinuses.  This allows the sinuses to drain more effectively.  It can also make it easier to keep the sinuses clean.  Nasal sprays and other medications can also get into the sinuses more easily after surgery.

In some situations, patients may need surgery on their sinuses more than once.  This is called revision sinus surgery.  Here are some questions we commonly encounter when our patients are thinking about revision surgery.

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Why would someone need revision sinus surgery?

An important goal of sinus surgery is to enlarge the natural little windows into the sinuses.  Sometimes, these openings are not as open as they need to be even after surgery.  For example, scar tissue can form, causing sinus blockages to recur.  For some people, polyps can grow back after removal, causing blockages to recur.  Sometimes, the initial surgery may have only treated one or two sinuses.  Revision surgery may be needed to treat areas that weren’t treated the first time.

Revision surgery can also be necessary if a specialized type of sinus procedure is indicated.  These procedures can be more extensive than more routine types of sinus procedures.  They are sometimes needed in patients who have more severe issues with their sinuses.  Examples of these types of procedures include things like a Draf 3 procedure, Lothrop procedure, or maxillary mega-antrostomy procedure.  

Will revision surgery help even if sinus surgery didn’t help the first time?

Yes, revision surgery can help even if the first surgery didn’t help as much as you would have liked.  Revision surgery can help open up sinuses that are still blocked after the first procedure.  Revision surgery can also help treat sinuses that may not have been treated the first time.  For example, the first surgery may have only opened the maxillary and ethmoid sinuses.  Revision surgery may be needed in the future to open the sphenoid or frontal sinuses.

How would I know if I would benefit from revision sinus surgery?

A sinus surgeon who has experience in revision sinus surgery can evaluate your condition.  During the evaluation, the doctor will learn about your nasal symptoms and history.  A nasal endoscope will allow the doctor to look inside your nose and sinuses to see how well they are draining.  The surgeon will also review images from a sinus CT scan to look for blockages.  After looking at all of this information, the surgeon can then give you a sense for whether revision surgery would help your sinuses.

The recovery after the first surgical procedure was very tough.  Will revision surgery be the same?

Most patients find that the recovery after sinus surgery is not the same miserable experience they may have had in the past.  Surgery is typically performed without the need for nasal packing.  There is some discomfort with any type of surgery, but most patients find that the pain after sinus surgery is mild.  Of course, there is always going to be some sort of recovery, but it does not have to be as tough or uncomfortable as it might have been in the past.

I had balloon sinuplasty.  Would I benefit from sinus surgery after balloon sinuplasty?

Sinus surgery can be helpful even if someone has had balloon sinuplasty.  The openings to the sinuses can sometimes still be blocked after a balloon sinuplasty procedure.  Endoscopic sinus surgery can help open the sinuses in these situations.  An experienced endoscopic sinus surgeon can evaluate for areas of blockage after a prior balloon sinus procedure.  The surgeon can then help you understand if revision sinus surgery might help in your particular sinus issues.

At our office, Dr. Goyal focuses on treating nasal and sinus conditions.  He has over 15 years of experience in procedures like revision sinus surgery.  If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for your sinus issues, you may request an appointment or call us at 848-209-6363.

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