Dr. Parul Goyal, from Syracuse Otolaryngology, gave presentations this week at the International Rhinologic Society Meeting in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.   The meeting was the largest Rhinology conference held in the Middle East, featuring speakers and participants from all over the world.  The aim of the meeting was for surgeons to learn and share knowledge about the treatment of problems affecting the nose and sinuses.

Dr. Goyal spoke about frontal sinus surgery, treatment of clival chordoma, and the use of external techniques in sinus surgery.  He also performed a demonstration surgical dissection to teach participants how to perform two surgical procedures: endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy and orbital decompression.

Dr. Goyal was joined in Dubai by another local surgeon from Syracuse, Dr. Amar Suryadevara.  Dr. Suryadevara spoke about nasal valve surgery.  Drs. Goyal and Suryadevara specialize in surgery to help patients with chronic nasal congestion.  Nasal valve surgery is a type of surgery that can help patients with nasal congestion.

The two surgeons frequently work together on patients with complex problems affecting the nose and sinuses.  In addition to performing surgery, both doctors teach other physicians about the types of surgery used to treat patients with nasal congestion.  The two have also published research studies about surgery to treat nasal valve problems.

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