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Dr. Amar Suryadevara

Dr. Parul Goyal

Cover of the January-February 2014 issue of AJRA featuring picture from article by Drs. Craig, Goyal, & Suryadevara

Drs. John Craig, Parul Goyal, & Amar Suryadevara’s paper selected for the cover image of the American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy
Dr. John Craig, Dr. Parul Goyal, & Dr. Amar Suryadevara recently conducted a study about a new type of surgical technique used to treat chronic nasal congestion.  Drs. Craig and Suryadevara are from SUNY Upstate Medical University and Dr. Goyal is from Syracuse Otolaryngology. The doctors described using a special type of cartilage graft to treat patients with narrow nasal valves.  The nasal valve is a part of the nose that can cause problems with nasal congestion.  Using cartilage from a different part of the nose, the physicians described a way the nasal valve could be widened. The doctors note that many patients suffer from chronic nasal congestion.  Narrow nasal valves can limit airflow very significantly and can have a very large impact on patients’ quality-of-life.  Treating narrowing in this area can be challenging.

Dr. Goyal is a Rhinologist (a surgeon who focuses on problems affecting the inside of the nose and the sinuses) and Dr. Suryadevara is a Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon (a surgeon who focuses on external nasal surgery and facial surgery).  They work together to treat patients with complex nasal problems affecting both the inside and outside of the nose.  The doctors plan to use the procedure described in the study in those patients who have severe narrowing in this area.

A link to the article is posted below: Article at the American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy website
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